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  • LNG tanker attacked, boarded, 2 people kidnapped, Gulf of Guinea UPDATES

    UPDATE 1530 UTC Oct 17: According to local sources, 1 person (not known if crew or terminal personnel) was slightly injured, but no one was kidnapped.

    UPDATE 1230 UTC Oct 17: Reportedly 1 person was kidnapped, understood crew member. METHANE PRINCESS left Punta Europa LNG Terminal at around 1130 UTC Oct 17, port of destination unidentified.

    LNG tanker METHANE PRINCESS was reportedly boarded by pirates at 0545 UTC Oct 17. At the time of attack, according to track and track records, tanker was berthed at Punta Europa LNG Terminal, Malabo, Bioko island, Equatorial Guinea. Two people were said to be kidnapped, one crew and one Terminal worker. Information not yet confirmed.

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