Bunkers & Lube Oil

M1 will meet your bunker requirements including the formalities for the vessels to receive bunkers in the harbor or at anchor in the Ports of Colombo, Galle, Hambanthota, and Trincomalee. Bunker surveys will be facilitated, and the owner’s sample couriered per instructions where applicable.


    • HSFO High Sulphur Fuel Oil – available only at Trincomalee
    • LSMGO – Low Sulpuhr Marine Gas Oil
    • VLSFO Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil
    • IFO Intermediate Fuel Oil 3.5% Sulphur / 380 Cts


  • De-Bunkering
  • Lube oil from all major international brands


The M1 SOP for physical delivery will be provided on confirmation of stemming.