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A whole new generation of support tool based on augmented reality technology

"Aiming to help large vessels navigate with peace of mind, we have developed a navigation support system based on AR (Augmented Reality)": the FURUNO ENVISION AR Navigation System (AR-100M).
The FURUNO ENVISION series aims to contribute to the safety and security of the voyage by offering visual support to maneuvering and navigation during any operation. This is a further technological step towards autonomous navigation and the first product of an innovative series. In addition to navigation information such as position, speed and heading received from GPS and other Gyrocompass receivers, AR-100M gathers AIS data, Target Tracking Radar data, and ECDIS Chart and route data in one place and visually superimposes them on the actual live imagery captured by a camera pointing forward of the vessel. Until now, it was necessary to interpret several screens at the same time to make the right decision, but thanks to the FURUNO ENVISION AR Navigation System, everything can be checked at glance with only one screen. This all-in-one-place solution allows better sharing of crucial information and makes the coordination of the captain and his crew much simpler.

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