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Bunker tanker hijacked, cargo stolen, crew robbed, Indonesia

Bunker tanker SPOB GRAHA DUA SATU, understood deployed mainly in bunkering the ships anchored in Morosi waters, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, was boarded at night Jan 6 by 6 masked (covid safety first, huh?) pirates, armed with machetes, while the speed boat with outboard engine, which delivered them, with 2 more pirates in it, circled around. Tanker at the time of hijack was anchored. 8 crew were herded into the mess room and tied up. Later pirates forced the crew to take the tanker to a specified position and after that, they’ve been locked in the mess room again. Meanwhile, another ship or vehicle berthed alongside tanker and understood part or all of the cargo of diesel fuel was siphoned. Pirates left tanker in the morning Jan 7, robbing crew and ship of valuables (mainly electronics) and cash. tanker sailed back to Morosi waters and anchored at around 0700 WITA Jan 7, reporting the piracy accident to the authorities. Investigation launched.
The crew are safe, nobody was injured, the tanker was in pirates capture for several hours. The economical collapse will lead to lawless, piracy-infested, oceans and seas, and this collapse is nearing.

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