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Latest crew change procedures in Sri Lanka

We highly value the service provided by the crew on board ships and therefore give top priority in connecting them when they are either signing off to get home or signing on to join a vessel. Customer focus is a top priority for us and we therefore regularly update the changes to keep our clients abreast of the changing regulations. As Sri Lanka continues to relax its covid protocols we like to update the current situation with regards to crew changes. There are no further restrictions for fully vaccinated crew if they have two doses of any of the Vaccines approved by the WHO.

Here is how the current crew change process happens:  

Disembarking crew

The disembarking crew will be picked from the harbor and transported to their respective hotel accommodations which will be on full board basis. The signing off process of the crew members will differ according to their vaccination status. The procedure is as follows:

  • If vaccinated

A PCR test is not mandatory for the vaccinated crew disembarking from a vessel. They will be transported to Bandaranayake International Airport for repatriation according to their flight schedule. 

  • If unvaccinated

A PCR test is made mandatory. It will be done at the hotel, and upon receiving a negative report the crew will be transported for repatriation via Bandaranayake International Airport according to their scheduled flight. 

Our team will be there to collect the off signers from the vessel and will be brought to the port via a crew boat where all port formalities will be done and then the crew will be taken to the hotel. On repatriating our team will assist the crew at the airport customs and will make all necessary arrangements for a safe departure.

Embarking crew

The embarking crew arriving at the Bandaranayake International Airport will be picked up and transported to a hotel which is on full board basis. The signing in process of the crew members is determined by the vaccination status of the crew. The process is as follows:

  • If vaccinated

Although a PCR test has not been made mandatory for vaccinated on-signers certain companies request for a PCR test before on boarding. A PCR test will be done at the hotel if the company requests for it, and upon receiving a negative report the crew will be transported to the harbor. 

  • If unvaccinated

A PCR test is made mandatory which will be done at the hotel, and upon receiving a negative test report the on signers will be transported to the vessel.

Our team will finish all port formalities before we take the crew for onboarding which makes the onboarding process fast. PPE and protective gears will be provided and the crew will be transported to the vessel by a crew boat. If senior crew members are travelling with us for onboarding, our crew boat and the team would wait until the handover/takeover time ends. 

If any of the crew members test COVID positive

They are immediately transferred to a designated quarantine center and provision for treatment will be made. 

Overall, all on signers and off signers are required to be in PPE during all transfers, and transfers take place across Colombo, Galle, Trincomalee, and Hambantota Ports. 

Our team will be readily available to attend to all the needs of the crew from the time they arrive at the airport to the time the crew onboards the vessel and vice versa. We also attend to all their concerns during their hotel stay as our team is well experienced, well trained, attentive and empathetic towards the crew.

We are always keen and committed to support our clients, and provide bespoke solutions for crew change as we enjoy a healthy long-term relationship at all times.  

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