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Latvian tanker attacked, looted in West Africa

Latvian product tanker Ance was attacked on September 16, while at anchor near West Africa, Maritime and Crimean Shipping News portal reported.

Four robbers armed with a gun and knives boarded an anchored tanker. They took hostage the crew. After looting the cabins, the robbers locked the crew in a cabin and escaped. Crew personal belongings, cash and ship’s properties were stolen.

Representatives of the ship owners, Latvian Shipping Company (LSC), told LETA that the value of the stolen properties has not been big.

The coast guard, law enforcement institutions and insurers were immediately informed about the incident.

The crew of tanker Ance consists of 21 members, including two Georgian citizens, one Lithuanian citizen and 18 Latvian citizens.

None of the crew members has been injured during the incident. The ship has not been damaged, the owners reported.

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