Crew change

Crew change

M1 Operations carried out under strict COVID -19 protocols sign on -sign off for 38 crew in total for a crew management on three Panama flagged vessels at OPL Galle

The Foreign Crew arrived in a chartered flight and sign- on to three separate vessels and sign off crew took commercial flight to their home destinations

The approval was obtained from the Ministry of Health and PIC from the COVID task force

Submission of PCR test of the sign on crew

Meet and greet sign on crew at the air port and transfer to designated IC - Isolation center Hotel - under Sri Lanka Navy supervision

Port formalities and immigartion formalities for the sign on crew

Transfer of sign on crew to the respective vessels

The sign off crew formalities including immigration, customs at the Galle Port

The sign off crew were subject to PCR tests and located to designated IC hotels

The sign off crew transferred to the air port to connect to their respective flights

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