Colombo port

Colombo port

Latitude 06˚ 57’ North
Longitude 079˚ 51 East

Container Facilities
Best equipped in South Asia – √ Deep water √ High quality infrastructure √ Online Realtime
Best On-carrier Direct Links – ISC to USA ~ Europe ~ Gulf ~ Africa ~ Far East
Terminal Services Agreements / Berthing Windows

Jaya Container Terminal
– Quay Length of 585m with drafts of 11.3m to 12.3m
– Quay Length of 595m with drafts of 14.2m

South Asia Gateway Terminal – Quay Length of 890Metres with drafts of 14.25
Colombo International Container Terminal – Quay Length of 1200m with drafts of 17m
Dedicated Feeder berths – are available at Unity Terminal with Drafts up to 10.3m

Other Facilities at the Port of Colombo

Cargo Facilities – General, Dry Bulk, Break Bulk, Dry Bulk – Grain, Flour, Cement – pipelines discharge – silos
 General Cargo Berths and Transit Warehousing
 Container Freight Stations and Warehouses,
 Off dock facilities / Entrepôt Trading

Liquid Bulk and LPG Terminals Dolphin Tanker Terminal – Clean Oil Products with ship size 210m X 11.8m Draft
 Off Shore Buoy Moorings – Crude Oil, Clean Oil, Liquid Petroleum Gas