Security Policy

Marine One undertakes the complete service of providing Armed Onboard Security Teams to ships transiting international waters in the Gulf of Aden, East Coast of Africa and Indian Ocean. Our business culture of an A to Z service, better than all other, will, acting on your contract, select competent personnel, provide the required level of lethal weapons and non-lethal kit, embark the personnel at a selected port of your choice, manage the On Board Security Team on transit and disembark the team on completion of a safe transit through the High Risk Area. Despite a delivery of high quality, we remain within the challenging range of competitive pricing as each transit is individually assessed and tailored to meet the ship owners concerns for the safety of his asset and personnel within commercial constraints.


Fundamentally based on

 Safe and Secure Passage

 Legal compliance

 Service conducted in an ethical manner


Marine One manages its business with a risk-based approach to decision making taking into account the needs, expectations and tolerances of all interested parties and stakeholders. The system will constantly stress test the viability of each link point of service deliverability endeavoring a fail proof mechanism with contingency plans for all steps to deal with unplanned events.

Marine One is categorical in its commitment to meeting with all statutory requirements in the jurisdiction that it is registered as well as all jurisdictions that it operates in. Industry best practices are continuously evaluated to ensure that Marine One personnel, products exceed the minimum industry requirements. Marine One considers it important to engage with other similar services providers, regulators both government, nongovernmental to ascertain and to provide feedback on service standards. The Security Management System is reviewed at planned intervals to ensure its continued relevance to both the scale of the organization and our operational requirements. The above will be regularly communicated to all internal and external stakeholders of the company.

“Marine One is a leader in agency, technical, and engineer services and an accredited provider of maritime security.”

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