Hull Inspection and Cleaning

Hull Inspection and Cleaning

We are registered ship agent with Director General of Merchant Shipping, Ministry of Ports and Shipping, Sri Lanka and a maritime service provider. We can provide Hull Inspections and Hull cleaning services at all active ports in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has all its deep-water ports located no further than half a day’s sailing from the principal sea lanes and is in an excellent facility for trading and ship services. With the very advantageous geographical location on the principal east-west sea lane, embarking service crews and facilitating end to end services in crew changes is an economical proposition in the waters off the ports of Colombo and Galle. As such the location of base facilities to supply efficient offshore services is one of the advantages Marine One has in supplying services at reasonable costs. Ship repairs, hold cleaning, tank cleaning, supply of spares, are areas of services that we regularly deliver to our clientele.


Cargo and Slop Tank Cleaning: A typical specification we work on is presented herewith. We will commence on the basis that all the Tanks shall be delivered to our crew “Fit for Man Entry” and continued to be maintained in that condition by the ship’s staff.

1. All work will be carried out up to man height. Clingage on tank sides and internal structures will be scraped and collected into bags. The tank will be wiped clean to man height with cloth and finished.

2. Sludge will be collected on the tank top and bagged. All bagged material will be lifted to the deck. Bagged material will be double bagged on deck and brought to within the Crane reach.

3. Delivered cleaning standard is “gas free for hot work”.


Disposal of Slops and Sludge is more cost effective at the Colombo anchorage.


For ships requiring riding crews we are able supply the required personnel with the demanded skills and experience.