Port Agency Services

Port Agency Services

We deliver the full gamut of agency services, on-shore & off-shore through our port office in Colombo, where the 24/7 Operations room is located and the service base in the Port of Galle where the two offshore Crew boats are moored stand by on a 24/7 basis ready to respond at short notice with the desired efficacy.

Passenger/Cruise Ship Services: The Port of Colombo, steeped in history is an ideal stop over for cruise liners; the trade is seasonal but extremely popular with passengers.

Container Cargo:

Colombo is the best equipped hub in South Asia.  Ideally positioned to serve the massive potential of the Indian sub-continent. The terminals at Colombo have created a very efficient link to USA Europe, Gulf and the Far East.  An efficient feeder network linking the whole of the Indian sub-continent and the gulf has developed and sustains excellent connectivity schedules. Colombo with an average overall volume growth of 15% is used by all the major container liners.

Bulk and Break Bulk Dry Cargoes:

Facilities are available for bulk and break-bulk handling in the Ports of Colombo, Galle and Trincomalee.

Petroleum Cargo:

Offshore and alongside Terminal facilities are available at the ports of Colombo and Trincomalee.

Special Operations:

Ship to Ship Transfers can be facilitated off shore in good weather and at Trincomalee bay during both monsoons. Hambantota the newly built port on the southern coast is just twenty five nautical miles North of the principal East-West sea lane. The potential at Hambantota is great and facilities are ready for immediate use. In addition to liner trading there exists openings for clean industries within a free zone concept enhanced with land concessions.


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