A vessel with chronic engine problems and total black-out condition was towed into Port of Trincomalee under a towing contract facilitated by Marine One. Our repair team commenced a full condition survey of the machinery space; Main Engine and Auxiliaries.

Certificated Class 1 and Class 2 Marine engineers boarded on arrival with a support crew to immediately attend to the vessels urgent requirements.

The vessel was initially provided with a hired generator put onboard the towing vessel and subsequently vessels standby power was restored.

The M1 engineers worked on the three auxiliary engines to fully restore them to working condition and powered up the vessel and thereafter moved on to the main engine.

Major overhaul of Aux engine # 2 was deferred to the voyage and allocated to a riding crew.

On the Main Engine a major overhaul was performed on Unit 4 and Unit 5.  Additionally the scavenge space was cleaned out and all the stuffing boxes cleaned and serviced.

The vessel was laden and was required to sail out immediately , the riding team from M1 was provided to complete the remaining work and the major overhaul of Aux Engine # 2. The riding team signed off in Singapore.

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